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Shoot Your Wedding

We deliver and collect top of the range video cameras from anywhere in the UK and edit your footage into a professional wedding video.

How it works...

We send you the cameras...

It really is simple...

1) We send you your cameras (Sony HD 4K camcorders) along with printed instructions and a video tutorial.

2) You choose a couple of trustworthy friends and family to do the filming on your wedding day...​

Unlike a professional videographer with clumpy equipment your friends can get up close and personal, capturing all of the romance as well as the fun, dancing and video messages..

Film to your hearts content

3) With an easy to use, high quality camera you will quickly get in to the swing of things. Don't worry about battery life, we include a replacement battery with all orders. 

We collect the equipment

 4) After your wedding you'll be looking forward to your honeymoon, we take the hassle out of the process by collecting the cameras at a time that is convenient for you. P.S don't worry the boxes aren't this big!

The finished product

5) The fun bit (for us!). Seeing all your happy faces on your special day. We have a professional team and it takes them a while to come up with the finish product, but please be patient whilse we beaver away. You should expect your videos within 6 weeks

Don't break the bank!



We are thrilled we chose Shoot-your-wedding to capture our special day. Just received our videos and the Team have done such a great Job. Thank you!!!! 

Lucy, Norfolk (June '19)

The team have gathered all the  love and laughter from the day and bundelled it in to a perfect highlights reel. They were such a pleasure to work with and have created an amazing way to look back on the most memorable day of our lives.

Dean, Kent (May '19)

I was pretty worried that the Ushers wouldn't film anything of interest, but they loved filming and Tom and his team did such a good job with the content.

Jane, Rye (March '19)